Spinal Mobilisation & Manipulation

Spinal manipulations and mobilisations are techniques used by Physiotherapists as part of their overall treatment plan in the management of a variety of spinal complaints where spinal joint restriction is present. Manipulations and mobilisations can also be performed to other peripheral joints throughout the body to help restore normal motion.

Manipulation involves the application of a high velocity thrust at the end of the joints range. There may be an audible cracking sound, known as cavitation, which is due to release of pressure from the joint. It is a safe, effective and comfortable treatment when performed by a trained therapist.

Mobilisations refers to a gentle passive rhythmic movement of a spinal segment or region within or at the limit of its range. Mobilisations are aimed at improving the range of motion at the region, easing muscle spasm, and reducing pain.

At 'V Care Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Care' spinal manipulation and mobilisation techniques are often used in conjunction with other therapeutic modalities such as massage, dry needling, exercise prescription, and education as part of your overall treatment plan. As with all treatments the benefits and risks will be explained to you and your consent sought before treatment is commenced.