At 'V Care Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Care', our expert clinicians have extensive experience in treating foot pain, lower limb disorders and low back problems with the use of custom made orthotics. Our Orthotics are developed using the very latest in dynamic and functional force plate technology so that you get the very best support available during activity when you need it the most.

Orthotics are specialised devices made of rubber (soft) or flexible plastic (semi rigid), used to support the arch of the foot. They sit comfortably inside your shoe, boot or sandal, supporting the natural arched structure of your feet. They may be full length, such as in a sporting shoe, or be modified to suit any type of shoe you wear on a regular basis.

Our Orthotics can be used to treat:

  1. Tired / aching feet or calf muscles
  2. Heel or arch pain including plantar fasciitis
  3. Achilles tendon pain
  4. Shin Splints
  5. Ankle pain
  6. Flat (pronated) or excessively high (supinated) foot arches
  7. Painful calluses and corns on the soles of feet
  8. Knee, hip and lower back pain caused by poor foot posture and lower limb biomechanics